Project Dashboard SatNOGS SatNOGS Radome v1 Workflow

1 Gather materials

Gather all materials, 3D printed and pipes.

The bill of materials can be found in the Gitlab repo.

Pipes and 3D-printed parts
Pipes and 3D-printed parts

2 Assemble base pentagon

Start by assembling the base pentagon.

Drill and bolt in place the L aluminum channels, using M6 bolts, to form the pentagon.
Using the pentagon base 3D-printed part and the small PVC pipes, bolt it in place on a pentagon corner.
Start the dome on top of the small PVC pipe, using the 3D-printed Pentagon Stand 1.

3 Work your way up to the second and third level

Consult the drawings for A, B or C pipe positioning.

Use a, b or c connectors according to the design.
The connectors have helpful marks for the different kinds of pipes that connect to them. Use them!
Continue to the 3rd level to complete the half dome.

4 Start building the top of the dome

Now start building the top half of the dome, working your way down.

The top structure is a pentagon.
Use holding tape if needed for assembly.
Work your way to the next levels until you complete the top half of the dome.

5 Place the top half on top of the bottom half

Fasten everything together and apply glue if needed (depending on materials used).

More steps to follow soon!

Place the top half on top of the bottom half of the dome.
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